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Beijing: – The international community is in unanimous agreement: terrorism is bad. But what is "terrorism"? Global actors like the United Nations have yet to set a strict definition, which has allowedChinato blur lines, particularly in using anti-terror rhetoric to "justify" human rights violations against Tibetans.

Dharamshala: - The month of September –Tibetans in exile mark the 54th anniversary of Tibetan Democracy Day. It is a time when we remember and celebrate the historical day that efforts to transform the exiled Tibetan society into a democracy.

Dharamshala: - In recent years, authorities of the People’s Republic of China have travelled around the world meeting heads of states and important, influential individuals, trying to convince them that Tibet is seeking separation from China; a move that affects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Chinese nation.

Dharamshala: - Tibet, the starkly beautiful snow-land, was once home to one of the last surviving repositories of unique sacred art and culture from the centuries. Culturally, historically and politically, it was never part of China.

Dharamshala: - The torture of Tibetan citizens has been a cause for widespread concern ever since the Chinese forcefully took over Tibet in the year 1959. Since then, the cases of torture and arbitrary detentions and arrests have been pretty common. Recently, Golok Jigme, the Tibetan monk who escaped from Chinese authorities after being arrested for helping in the making of the film "Leaving Fear behind", has also emphasized the widespread torture that is seen in the regions of Tibet, while talking about his own experiences.

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