Dharamshala: Tibetan Women's Association (TWA), an exile women's group Wednesday is appalled by the unacceptable harassment of 42 year old Tibetan woman activist Sonam Choedon as she was publicly violated by Nepalese police. Ms. Choedon was harassed, coerced and ordered by Nepalese police to remove her top in public because of a slogan on her t-shirt which read: "save Tibet and stop the killing in Tibet".

Dharamshala: Tibet's Forgotten Heroes. The Story of Tibet's Armed Resistance against China is a unique historical document on Tibetan resistance to Chinese oppression. For the very first time since the events, forty-eight stories by Tibetan warriors involved in the struggle for freedom are given unabridged, creating a vivid and emotional spectrum of events in Tibet since 1949.

Dharamshala: The Centre for the Study of Political Change (CIRCaP) at the University of Siena in Italy is carrying out, in coordination with the National Democratic Party of Tibet and with the support of the Province of Siena (Italy), an internet survey of the Tibetan population in exile. The survey will be conducted between February and March 2011 and aims to explore the orientations of Tibetans in the diaspora in relation to the next election of the Government-in-Exile, their attitudes towards autonomy, independence, de-colonisation and other major issues concerning the political future of Tibet.

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